The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an active, working group of the Friends. During their monthly meetings, the board, reviews fundraising outcomes, analyzes OPL needs and plans community outreach and advocacy efforts. The group consists of tenured professionals throughout the community and volunteers hundreds of hours each year to support the Library.

Nominations to the Board are made in the Fall of each year, with election at the Annual Meeting in January.  Membership on the Board is a three-year commitment unless completing a vacated term.

The Duties and responsibilities as described in Friends Bylaws include:

  • Regular attendance at meetings
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Work at the book sales
  • Be a current dues paying member of FOPL
  • Demonstrate a passion for the Library
  • Contribute your specialized talents


Adopt-a-Branch Committee

This outreach effort funds small expenses, promotes communication and fosters relationships between FOPL and each of the Branch libraries.

Chair: Rose Hill  Includes: Caroline Sedlacek & Trina Armstrong

Advocacy and Community Outreach Committee

This committee encourages communications to increase community awareness of FOPL and the needs of the library system in order to enhance resources, facilities, and services of the Omaha Public Library.

Chair: Michael O’Hara  Includes: Mary Gallagher Jansen & Trina Armstrong

Annual Meeting Committee

This group arranges for the Annual Meeting held in January for the full FOPL membership. Special recognition awards are given and guest speaker invited.

Chair: Euem Osmera

Book Sales Committee

This vital support committee organizes all donated/withdrawn books and media to maximize potential revenue and facilitate the setup and smooth operation of each book sale.

Chair: Darlene Whitney  Includes: Carol Ebdon, Karen Hosier, Teggy Maxwell, & Angie Wells

Internet Sales Committee

This group maximizes FOPL revenue by identifying and selling rare and collectible books from incoming donated and withdrawn materials at their market rates via the internet and/or at book sales.

Chair: Joe Goecke  Includes: Euem Osmera, Michael O’Hara & Jim DeMott

Membership Committee

This committee maintains a membership database, assists in attracting and retaining members, mails yearly membership solicitations and sends membership packets to each new member.

Chair: Polly Goecke  Includes: Carol Ebdon & Caroline Sedlacek

Nominating Committee

This group develops the slate for election of new members on the Board of Directors presented at the Annual Meeting or to fill vacancies that may occur during the year.

Chair: Joe Goecke  Includes: Rose Hill & Carol Ebdon

Publicity Committee

This group prepares publicity statements to inform the public about FOPL events.

Chair: Mary Gallagher Jansen

Social Media Committee

This group maintains the Friends website and related electronic activities.

Chair: Jeanne Spence  Includes: Trina Armstrong

Virginia Frank Writing Contest Committee

This committee encourages young students to take an interest in libraries and librarians by administering creative writing contests.

Chair: Polly Goecke  Includes: Mary Ann Sturek

Volunteer Committee

This committee recruits and schedules volunteers for book sales and other activities.

Chair: Mary Cederstrand

Executive Committee

This committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisor.  The Committee supervises the affairs of the Board between regular meetings and makes recommendations to the Board.

Includes: Karen Hosier, Jeanne Spence, Rose Hill, & Angie Wells


Board Officers:

Karen Hosier (President)
Jeanne Spence (President-Elect)
Rose Hill (Secretary)
  Angie Wells (Treasurer)

Board Members:

Trina Armstrong
James DeMott

Carol Ebdon

Mary Gallagher Jansen, MD

Joe Goecke
Polly Goecke
Teggy Maxwell

Michael O’Hara, JD, PhD.

Euem Osmera

Caroline Sedlacek, PhD.

Mary Ann Sturek

Rose Hill